National Chocolate Caramel Day

To celebrate this holiday, one would think that it means finding some kind of chocolate-caramel candy combination. Normally, I would do just that in taking the easy route. But this time, I decided to be creative. Well, whatever you want to call this.

In scavenging through the freezer one day, I found this:


Yum. Gelato. Talenti is the best. And I mean the best.

Normally, I don’t go for straight up caramel flavored things. But I was craving something sweet and went for it. I wanted to jazz it up a bit and remembered what was in the pantry.


Dark chocolate, my favorite.

So why not add a chocolate topping to my caramel flavored gelato?



Verdict? Not too sweet, not too bitter. Smooth and crunchy at the same time. Chocolate and caramel all together. Delicious.


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