National Corndog Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! But more importantly, Happy Corndog Day!

I love corn muffins. I love hot dogs. Corndogs, however? I’m pretty “meh” about. It might be the fact that “corndog” is a gross word. Is it one word or two? Ah, well. Either way, I still made them for today.

I’m sure if you’re on this blog, you’re on Pinterest. And if you’re on Pinterest, you’ve seen the corndog muffin pins. Which is what I decided to do.

I used this mix and these hotdogs:


I decided to make these Hebrew National hot dogs decidedly unkosher by shoving cheese into my corndogs.


Then I put some more mix on top, so the hot dog would be a surprise treat! Because thinking you are eating a muffin and then biting into meat is always a welcome surprise, right?


They really did look just like regular muffins when they were cooked.


And then when you cut them open, SURPRISE, hot dog.


My verdict? These tasted like corndogs, so I still am pretty neutral on that. However, if you like corndogs, make these because it’s super easy.


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