National Artichoke Heart Day

To be honest, I find it funny that today isn’t about the whole artichoke, but only this one teeny part of it.

Being Italian, I am one of those people who can go through the entire artichoke. We boil it, stuff all of the leaves with bread crumbs, cheese, and herbs, and then bake it. Delicious.

But no. I must not go down that path. Today we must get to the heart of the matter.

Ha ha ha ha…


I’ve decided to share one of my favorite ways to eat artichoke hearts.

On pizza.

Pizza is a holy food group, and artichokes are quite yummy, so the two can only improve each other.

To be honest, I almost never make homemade pizza anymore. I did a lot for awhile, but now we usually just eat the gluten free 3 cheese pies from Trader Joe’s.

I like the pizza well enough alone, but I also enjoy putting either plain or marinated artichoke hearts on top, sprinkling on some grated pecorino Romano cheese, and letting the whole shebang get crispy and browned in the oven. You could add some fresh shredded basil too, if you want to go there.

Why not?

Go there.

It’s delicious.

Here's a fancier version of my favorite pizza from Better Homes and Gardens. Yum!

Here’s a fancier version of my favorite pizza from Better Homes and Gardens. Yum!

Verdict: It may not be the whole artichoke, but at least part of this funny, peculiar veggie (er, flower?) is being celebrated. If you aren’t into artichokes, you should give them another try. The flavor is mild and there are so many ways to prepare them, whether whole or just the hearts.


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