National Pears Hélène Day

It’s Pears Hélène Day!

What the heck is that?

I had no idea up until the other day when I decided to tackle this food holiday.

Pears Hélène is a poached pear dessert. Essentially, it’s pears poached in a vanilla sugar liquid, with a chocolate sauce on top, and typically served over ice cream.

Of course, me being me, I decided to take some shortcuts along the way.

I give you: Lazy Girl’s Pears Hélène in Ten Steps

Step one: Cut some pears. Peal those suckers, too.

Step two: Put them in a microwave safe bowl and add a little bit of water.

Step three: Add vanilla bean paste and vanilla sugar.

Step four: Nuke it. I nuked in increments of 30 seconds for about two minutes, stirring as I went.

Step five: While you’re waiting, put some vanilla coconut milk in a mug and about the same amount of chocolate chips in the mug as well. This will also be microwaved until melty and delicious.

Step six: Add vanilla ice cream or vanilla yogurt or whatever over the pears.

Step seven: Pour the chocolate milk concoction over the whole shebang.

Step eight: Realize you just made soup by accident because you never drained the poaching liquid.

Step nine: Drink/eat your warm treat.

Step ten: It is delicious, so enjoy it thoroughly.

pears helene

Verdict? Pears are a perfect vehicle for vanilla. And chocolate improves everything. Surprisingly, for being soaked in sugar, this wasn’t too sweet. The semi-sweet chocolate certainly helped cut the sweetness and add another dimension to the flavors. This was very yummy and I would actually make this again the proper way if I ever had a need to serve a real, not cake dessert to anyone.


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