National Potato Chip Day

It’s no secret that we love potatoes here at Food365. That makes today’s food holiday even more scrumptious for us. 

Potato chips are crispy, flavorful, and savory. They go great on top of food, on the side of food, and on their own as a snack. 

I celebrated with my favorite kind of chips. Wavy cut ruffles. Delish. The ruffles make them even more crispy. 

Of course I made sure to purchase my favorite flavor, as well. Cheddar and sour cream! 

Verdict? Cheesy, tangy, crispy, potato-y. I can’t find a flaw. So go and enjoy Potato Chip Day! Add some dip, put them on the top of a sandwich, or on the side of a meal. Whatever. Just enjoy. Mmmmm fried potatoes. 


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