National Chicken Noodle Soup Day

Been a while, food365 but I’m back bringing you chicken noodle soup day.

As always, Alex did most of the work here — but I have to give myself some credit because I make a mean chicken noodle soup myself.

Chicken noodle soup just brings back so many memories from my childhood. My grandma’s chicken noodle soup is the best on earth. No bias at all, obviously. It was what I would anxiously await every time I visited my grandma and grandpa. Now my dad and aunt have carried on the recipe. My recipe is slightly different but it doesn’t compare to hers.

Alex decided that he wanted to make the chicken stock from scratch. It was a good decision. We got a whole chicken from the store and cooked it in boiling water with some carrots and onions. That’s really all it takes.


Here’s the final product!


“MMM soup. I mean noodle soup. I mean soup!” – Joey Tribbiani


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