National Ranch Day

I have very neutral feelings toward Ranch. I don’t usually eat creamy salad dressings. And of all the salad dressings in the world, why is Ranch the only one with a holiday?

Anyway, I decided to get fancy and actually make something with Ranch instead of just putting it on a salad.

But, in true Lori fashion, I just found something on Pinterest that said “Chicken Bacon Ranch Pasta” and thought “how hard can that be?” Well, I was right. It wasn’t hard. But I also didn’t look at the recipe before I went shopping or even think about the fact that it makes a lot more sense to use Ranch seasoning than Ranch dressing. And here we are.

I used these ingredients (plus chicken, not pictured):

And then I just cooked the pasta and the chicken and mixed everything together. It was all very scientific.


My verdict?  This was pretty good. I probably wouldn’t make it again because it was very heavy and not particularly healthy. But it tasted good. I’d probably recommend actually using the seasoning though.


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