National Meatball Day

Today, I would share a meatball recipe with you. 

I would. 

But I can’t.

Because I am Italian and my family does not use a recipe. 

So how do we make meatballs? 

We just do. 

They just happen. Like magic. Italian-American magic. 

Ground beef, eggs, breadcrumbs (gluten free or regular of course), garlic, lots of basil and other herbs, probably some things I’m leaving out, some love, some Italian fierce lady realness, and you have meatballs.

On holidays, we add ground pork to the mix. Because pork makes everything taste so good. Simple as that. 

We cook our meatballs right in the sauce. My mom does not pan fry them first. My grandma does. This is a point of contention in our family. 

While I eat the meatballs anyway I can, I do prefer to have the raw meat cooked in the sauce, because then the sauce and the meatballs have better flavors from each other.

Verdict? Yum. Just yum. I love being Italian and I love eating meatballs. Meatballs are one of my favorite comfort foods. 

Do you pan fry your meatballs, or cook them in the sauce? 

Does your culture have a kind of meatball? I know lots of cultures do. Share your recipes! 


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