National Cheese Doodle Day

Ah, the warm glow of cheesy fingers.


You know exactly what I’m talking about. Those cheese coated fingers that glow an unnatural orange after you have just devoured a bag of cheese doodles.

Yes, a whole bag. Snack sized, or large, I will not judge you.

Cheese doodle day

For National Cheese Doodle Day, I chose a snack sized bag of the real deal “Cheez Doodles” in the crunchy variety. I have 3 things to say about the doodle de queso:

1) Crunchy or bust. It’s the best and the rest need not exist. The texture is satisfying and the puffy kind just stick to the roof of my mouth.

2) Junk food is my tech week/theatre season food of choice, so reaching for a bag of the orange stuff was a given.

corn puffs

3) Sometimes I feel guilty about eating junk food so I reach for the less offensively colored, slightly more natural Trader Joe’s cheese puff. My only problem is that the bag is huge and I tend to eat the whole bag in one sitting. Oops.

crunchy cheez doodle

Verdict? You cannot go wrong with crunchy, cheesy junk foods. Everything in moderation, right? Just make sure you wipe your orange fingers after you’re done!

So what do you think, crunchy or puffy? Is one cheese doodle supreme?


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