National Chocolate Covered Peanut Day

I really wanted to start today off by eating my favorite kind of chocolate covered peanuts.  However, they are from Trader Joe’s and seeing as I do not have one remotely close to me, I suppose I will have to settle.  But, how does one choose?  Well, seeing as it is National Chocolate Covered Peanut Day, I decided to start my morning off right.  Even if that meant doing so without my beloved Trader Joe’s dark chocolate covered peanuts.  I improvised and made chocolate and super chunky peanut butter steel cut oatmeal.  (That counts, right?)  Then I am going to snack on some actual chocolate covered peanuts later.  I can always go with the classics like orGoobers-Wrapper-Small.  Or, I can get a little crazy and go with Dove or Planters.   There are so many to choose from, maybe I should eat them all? Verdict: Chocolate and peanuts is probably the best combination ever to exist. So grab your favorite box and eat the whole thing.  What better day to do so?  I mean, hey, why not eat all of the different brands in order to celebrate properly?


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