National Banana Bread Day

There are two things that should be happening right now:

1. You should be noticing that I have finally taken on a food holiday that required me to actually make something, not just eat cereal, chew gum, or inhale whipped cream. My baby is 5 months old, so I can no longer use her as an excuse for being lazy in the kitchen.

2. You should be exhaling a huge sigh of relief that the snow did not ruin my plans to make banana bread. I almost had to make banana bread without bananas. So, bread. But really, cake… Because would you eat banana bread as dessert, or with turkey on it? (Ew). But alas, my husband braved the elements to get bananas, and he doesn’t even like bananas. What a guy, huh?!

I decided to make chocolate banana bread. Because, well, because chocolate, that’s why. I followed this recipe:Β Chocolate Banana Bread

In progress:


Out of the oven:


Verdict? YUM! And all for me, because previously mentioned 5 month old doesn’t eat food yet and previously mentioned husband doesn’t like bananas.


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