National Biscuits and Gravy Day

Having not grown up in the South, I’m familiar with foods like lox, but not so much biscuits and gravy. However, even though I never cooked it before, I have tried it so I know enough that there is more to than what was previously reported here on the blog (sorry, Lori). Fortunately for biscuits and gravy, whoever came up with these food holidays was disorganized, which allows for an attempt at redemption.

From my extensiveΒ research, biscuits and gravy is considered more of a breakfast item. But that seemed a little involved for our crowd, so I made it for dinner instead, with some scrambled eggs.

I chose this recipe, which was pretty straightforward. It uses store bought biscuits which is probably cheating, but I figured that for my first time making this, I’ll take the short cut.


Browning the sausage

Gravy in progress

Gravy in progress

Is this authentic? I’m not completely sure. But it was decent and everybody ate it. Completely unhealthy and salty, and I was regretting not serving a fruit or vegetable to salvage our health, but let’s try not to think about that right now. The gravy was also very simple to make. I’m not convinced that it will enter the regular meal rotation but it’s not a bad option to have occasionally.

Β  Β  DSC01895


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