National Chewing Gum Day

Once upon a time, my day camp held a bubble blowing contest. Now, there are few things in life I’ve ever won (including a hula hoop contest–don’t you now wish this was a blog about something besides food?!) and I’m not a very competitive person at all, but not winning this bubble blowing contest might have been a real turning point in my childhood. Let me tell you why…

Each group in camp had their own mini contest. It was run like a spelling bee would run, if this were school and not summer camp. I breezed through the group contest with my original flavor Bazooka Joe gum, with a big bubble that popped on my nose. I went on to the division competition and this time, with grape flavor Bazooka (ok, I don’t remember the flavors and I’m adding that in for flair), I easily won again. I kept winning until it was time for the big contest, on the camp stage! Winners from all age groups were up there. Not to brag, but I was one of the youngest competitors… Ready. Set. Blow! I blew a bubble like no other, was still going, when I hear a POP! Followed by, “we have a winner” and the girl next to me was jumping up and down!! WHAT?! My bubble was still growing! I couldn’t stop mid-blow, so I finished my bubble. When it popped and there was gum in my hair, the judge said to me quietly, “you should have won. Your bubble was bigger, but I already gave away the prize. Good job, sweetie.” Oh, the tears! I cannot chew Bazooka Joe without bringing those memories to the surface. The injustice! Not even the little comics in the Bazooka wrappers can make me smile.

It has just occurred to me that today is CHEWING gum day and not BUBBLE gum day. If you think I’m going to go back and write a new blog, you’re insane.

For chewing gum, I favor a light mint flavor. Nothing that burns my tongue when I chew it, but I want it to freshen my breath. I’m not particular about brand really, just convenience. If I did an entire blog about chewing gum it would have been 3 sentences. Many of you might have preferred that, but for those of you that appreciate a story, you’re welcome.



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