National Pizza Day

Happy National Pizza Day readers! I love pizza and I wish I could eat it for every single meal, but alas I cannot.  (I would feel way too guilty)  My plan for today was to order from one of the many local pizzerias that my town houses.  However, my plans were naturally altered when I woke up.  It was hailing? sleeting?…there was A LOT of ice on the roads and I knew delivery would be a pain and I was not driving anywhere I did not have to.  Luckily for me, my job is conveniently located next to a Stop and Shop.  So my quest for pizza was fulfilled.  Since I had to select a frozen pizza for today, I figured I would leave you guys with a list of the best ones that I have tried so far.

  1. img-products-naturally-rising-4-cheeseFreschetta Brick Oven 5 Cheese Pizza
  2. Freschetta Naturally Rising 4 Cheese Pizza
  • How could you go wrong here?  5 or 4 different cheeses?!  All of the cheese for me please.  I put these together because they are obviously the same brand, but also because I cannot tell you which one I prefer.  They are both amazing and top notch as far as frozen pizza is concerned.  Not only is this the perfect combination of cheese,but the sauce for this brand, in general, is probably the best that I have tried.  It is not too spicy, too sweet, or too overloaded, but rather the perfect amount.  The crust cooks well and all the way through the center so you are not left with an uncooked, saggy middle piece.  They also have a variety of different selections including a gluten free option.  I do not think I can say a single bad thing about this brand.


3. Amy’s Light and Lean Cheese Pizza

  • This is for a single serving and it is the one I chose for today.  This is my usual go-to if I am eating frozen pizza just for me.  It doesn’t make me feel guilty, as it is the healthier choice at only 270 calories per serving, and it tastes great!


4. California Pizza Kitchen Crispy Thin Crust

  • I know my brother wasn’t a fan of this particular brand, but I really enjoyed it.  I cannot put my finger on it, but it was something about the sweetness of the sauce combined with the cheese that actually worked for me.  I generally do not enjoy sweet sauce, but I actually did like this one.


5. Smart Ones Pizza Minis

  • These are a good option if you cannot find the Amy’s brand in your local grocery store.  The taste is pretty good, but nothing that special.  Plus, you get 4 mini pizzas per serving so it makes it seem like a bit of a splurge.

So there you have it.  If you cannot have pizza delivered, those frozen pizzas are not always a bad option.  Let me know which brands you guys prefer and enjoy your Pizza Day!!



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