National Bagels and Lox Day

If you have already read out About Us page and know that I picked Bagels and Lox as my favorite food.
It probably sounds like an odd favorite to some. One of those people is my husband. He did not grow up in a Jewish family in the NY/NJ area like I did, so sadly did not really become familiar with this meal until he started hanging around with me. I think it is not something that sounds or looks appealing if  you haven’t had it before. Smoked salmon (lox is Yiddush for salmon) on cream cheese on a bagel? Sometimes topped with red onions or capers? Why?

The answer is: because it is delicious.  I ate a lot of bagels growing up, and therefore know better. But bagels with lox was considered more of a “special” type of meal so not something I ate regularly. “Special” is code word for “expensive”.

To celebrate, I picked up whipped cream cheese (fancy) and the smallest package of lox that I could find at the grocery store earlier in the week. Looking back on this, I probably should have just splurged and gotten something a little higher quality. I also meant to get capers but I forgot to buy them. Oops. My husband actually went out at 7am and bought fresh bagels at a real bagel store (as opposed to Dunkin Donuts or the grocery store). I know you are all thinking how great he is for going out that early to pick up bagels for this little blog project so early on a weekend morning. And while he is ok, the truth is we had already been up since 5am thanks to the little guys. The only reason he went to the bagel store then is because it wasn’t possible to get there earlier being that it opened at 7. The kids had already eaten their first course of breakfast before he made it back to the house.
When he finally got home at roughly 7:05, I put the whole masterpiece together and we all enjoyed. The grown-ups had sesame bagels and the little guys shared a second breakfast of a cinnamon raisin bagel with lox on the side (to each their own I say).
It was really tasty. Lox is salty, cream cheese is…creamy, and bagels are soft on the inside and a little crunchy on the outside. Unfortunately, it is not only hard to describe how good bagels and lox is, it’s also really not very photogenic. You’ll have to take my word for it, or better yet, try it for yourself.



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