National Froyo Day

Within the passed couple of years, my town had finally decided to jump on the frozen yogurt bandwagon and build a Cups.  Cups functions just like your other froyo chains (i.e. Red Mango or Pinkberry).  There is a wall full of delicious flavors that you get to fill a pretty large cup with, choose your toppings, and you pay by the ounce.  Cups luckily has way more of a selection than many other froyo places I have been to. Plus with all of the toppings and a recently added candy bar, how does one even begin to choose?  If all of the flavors would taste decent all together, I would totally go for it.

Photo Jan 25, 6 30 44 PM

Wall of Froyo!!

I went for my go-to choice.  Chocolate and peanut butter swirl.  Yummy.

Before my toppings

Before my toppings

Then naturally I had to add all the good stuff like Oreo crumbles, rainbow sprinkles, chocolate covered pretzels, Reeses peanut butter pieces, and just a little bit of wet walnuts on the top.

Look at all that goodness!

Look at all that goodness!

Even though it is freezing out, it is never too cold for frozen yogurt!  Go out and enjoy some today!  Some companies, I know Cups is partaking, are even giving huge discounts in honor of National Frozen Yogurt Day! My boyfriend and I certainly enjoyed ours!

Photo Jan 25, 8 43 43 PM



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