National Tater Tot Day

I love tater tots. Maybe I love them more than a 25 year old woman should. But they are so delicious, so I don’t care. This is pretty much my life:

Instead of just eating regular tots, I wandered around Pinterest looking for a satisfactory recipe. And then I found this. Buffalo chicken tater tots, you say? Why, yes. Yes, I do.

I happen to already have the ingredients, except the ranch dressing and chives, but who needs that stuff anyway?

You just cook the chicken and coat it in Buffalo sauce. Then you cook the tater tots and put them on top of the chicken. Then you melt cheese on top of it all.

The perfect bite:

My verdict?Β Like it’s even a question this was the best dinner ever. Don’t worry, I also made a plate of broccoli and carrots as a tater-tot-induced-heart-attack deterrent:




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