National Irish Coffee Day

As we all know by now, I’m not a big coffee drinker. I’m also not a big fan of whiskey. So this holiday is right up my alley! (That’s what we call sarcasm, folks.)

I decided that I didn’t want to buy a whole bottle of whiskey just for today if I’m never going to drink it again, so I rummaged through my parents’ liquor cabinet and found this:

I mean, it’s not Irish, but it is whiskey. Or, apparently, “whisky.” And even though it says “This whisky is 6 years old,” I can guarantee that it’s been in my parents’ liquor cabinet for much longer than that. So…it’s aged.

I used this coffee:


I made the coffee, mixed in the brown sugar, and tossed in some whiskey. Whisky. Whatever.


My verdict? Not as bad as I was anticipating, but not particularly good either. On another note, I discovered that brown sugar in coffee is quite tasty.

Since I’m not sure that using old Canadian whisky counts as Irish coffee, here is a picture of the last time I drank Irish coffee. In a pub in Dublin, Ireland. It was much better there.


Irish coffee sandwiched by a couple pints o’ Guinness.



2 thoughts on “National Irish Coffee Day

  1. Any whiskey can work in coffee, but only an Irish Whiskey can make an Irish coffee. There’s a huge range in flavors in whiskey, but Irish Whiskeys are usually the most smooth, sweet and palatable. In any case, this holiday was definitely made for me. At this moment I’m drinking a coffee – and I’ll be continuing to drink coffee throughout the day. While I’m not drinking whiskey right now, I’m starting at several bottles of whiskey and wishing I were. Throughout the day I will continue to stare at whiskey bottles.


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