National Peanut Butter Day

I love peanut butter so much. I couldn’t decide what to eat to celebrate today. Eventually I decided to make my chocolate Reese’s cupcakes. Usually I make chocolate cupcakes, put a mini Reese’s cup in the middle, then top it with delicious homemade peanut butter frosting. It’s a crowd-pleaser.

But then I got to the store and saw this:

Why make something from scratch when it’s so much easier to make it from a box? It’s the same basic concept, so I went with it. Plus this only makes 12 cupcakes instead of the usual 24, which is good for me.


I made it according to direction, but my peanut butter filling came out pretty liquid-y, not at all like the picture. And I also didn’t get chocolate icing, so I iced the top with the peanut butter stuff too.


My verdict? They don’t look all that pretty, but they taste pretty damn good. And in the end, that’s the important thing, no?



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