National Gourmet Coffee Day

For much of my adult life, I’ve enjoyed the sporadic cup of coffee. I’ve never been one who needs caffeine or anything, but I do enjoy drinking coffee. Much to my dismay, my four month old daughter does not know how to tell time. This tends to result in the occasional very early wake up. To her credit, she wakes up smiling, laughing, and screaming her happy baby screams. So she doesn’t need the coffee, but mama does!! My in laws recently went on a Panama Canal Cruise and brought us back coffee from Colombia. I’m not sure what “gourmet coffee” is, but I figured coffee from another country as opposed to my grocery store coffee grounds, was a better fit for today. So I used my magic bullet to grind the coffee beans and voila! Add a little milk and sugar, and I’m ready to tackle the day with the happy baby. For the record, I prefer my store bought coffee. The gourmet coffee was not particularly delicious. Side note: it smelled good when I opened the bag, so I ate a whole coffee bean. I would not recommend that to my worst enemy. 3 image (1) image2


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