National Strawberry Ice Cream Day

Today is the day that strawberry ice cream gets its street cred back.

Typically the only untouched flavor in a carton of Neapolitan ice cream, strawberry is the sad, overlooked ice cream flavor that nobody seems to like.

People like strawberries.

People like ice cream.

So then why do people dislike strawberry ice cream?

I decided to taste test a bunch of strawberry ice creams to see why this flavor is so unpopular. Then, because I like to bribe kids, I decided to have my costume students help me with the taste test while we did our measurements for our upcoming show.

So I went to the grocery store and my suspicions were confirmed: There were not that many strawberry varieties to choose from. Why? Supply and demand. People dislike strawberry ice cream.

Plenty of cherry. Plenty of Raspberry. One strawberry cheesecake, which I can’t eat so I ignored. But only 3 cartons of bonafide, simply strawberry ice cream. Yoplait Strawberry Frozen Yogurt, Breyer’s Natural Strawberry Ice Cream, and store brand strawberry ice cream. I skipped the store brand and got a tub of Edy’s Slow Churned Neapolitan, to see if the kids would ignore the strawberry and only eat the vanilla and chocolate.

Here’s what the panel of very hungry theatre kids had to say about each flavor:


Edy’s Neapolitan:

  • “Hey! Don’t just take the vanilla and chocolate! It’sΒ strawberry ice cream day!”
  • “I can’t handle thinking about how fake this color is. Ewww what is that?”
  • “This tastes sour?”

But don’t let their words fool you: the entire carton was devoured.

Breyer’s Strawberry:

  • “Look! Strawberries!”
  • “This is so good!”
  • “This is my favorite!
  • “It’s really soft and creamy, like real cream.”
  • “More!”

Yoplait Strawberry Frozen Yogurt:

  • “Literally yogurt.”
  • “This is rock solid.”
  • “Real strawberries!”
  • “This is way better than it sounds.”
  • “It tastes really fresh.”
  • “If no one wants more, can I just eat this out of the container? Please?!”

After all of the ice cream was consumed, we took a vote by show of hands.

First place was a tie with 5 votes each for the Breyer’s ice cream, which was not a surprise at all, and the Yoplait, the former underdog. Dead last was the Neapolitan with 2, which none of the kids could even pronounce.


Verdict? A lot of the kids actually said that they thought they hated strawberry ice cream, but realized that they actually loved it, and didn’t know why they didn’t try it sooner. Look at me, broadening their horizons. What an awesome educator I am.


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