Peach Melba/Gluten-Free Day

It’s National Peach Melba Day!

It’s also National Gluten-Free Day! As Food365’s resident GF foodie, I decided to take this day on.

This is a perfect combo because peach melba is gluten-free! I don’t know why, but I assumed peach melba was some sort of cobbler type thing, which is harder to make GF. But it’s not a cobbler at all.

Peach melba is basically cooked or poached peaches in a raspberry sauce, served with vanilla ice cream. Aka delicious.

But I did it the super lazy way.

I looked at a few recipes but I honestly don’t have time for poaching peaches or removing the skins or making my own raspberry sauce. One recipe suggested using raspberry jam as a base for the sauce, and that was what I used.

Like I said, I’m really lazy, so all I did was cut up 1 peach into 6 pieces, put it in a bowl, microwaved it for 2  minutes, dumped some raspberry jelly on it, and microwaved it for another 45 seconds.

Ta-da! Soft cooked peaches with a nice warm raspberry sauce on top. I didn’t have any ice cream but I’m perfectly content with just a bowl of fruit, especially since this was a post-work day, pre-dinner snack. I also forgot to take a picture because I’m lazy (again) and I was really hungry. Oops. Enjoy this photo from someone else, which is way prettier than what I ate.

Photo from Nigella Lawson's Food Network Recipe. Click for source.

Photo from Nigella Lawson’s Food Network Recipe. Click for source.

Verdict? I love having this recipe for Gluten Free Day because I enjoy reminding people that there are thousands of recipes that are naturally gluten free without complicated replacements. Being gluten free doesn’t have to a struggle! As for the peach melba recipe, I don’t really like raspberries, to be honest. I think they’re too tart and I can’t stand the seeds. However, this combination was really nice because the peaches are much sweeter and more mellow, and ice cream is ice cream, which we all know is wonderful. If I had added ice cream, this definitely would have been an A+ dessert. Here are two fancier recipes if you want to go all out and try your own:


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