National Hot Toddy Day

It’s Hot Toddy Day, so that means it’s the day when it’s socially acceptable to quite literally drink to your health right before bed.

Yeah I got rum in my cat mug. You got a problem? I’m just trying to fight the germs!

So apparently the hot toddy is supposed to cure what ails you during the cold weather illnesses and blues.

Typically, the recipe just involves boiling water, honey, lemon juice, and whiskey.

I don’t have any whiskey in my house, I don’t think. I don’t drink whiskey so…

I searched for a few recipes to see if anything else would qualify as an official hot toddy, as if I care or something.

Here are a whole bunch of recipes. Some with vodka, some with tequila, some with tea liquor. They all sound good to me.

Hot Toddy Recipe Slideshow

And another from Wine Mag

I ended up doing hot water, a lot of honey, lemon juice, some ground cinnamon, and Captain Morgan.


Well? I like it. I enjoy hot water and lemon to begin with, and this is just way better. I would imagine that if I had put more booze in this, I wouldn’t like it as much. But whatever, I’m drinking in my sweatpants right now so I can’t complain. It’s definitely soothing, yummy, and perfect for a cold night.


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