National Apricot Day


Happy National Apricot Day, Loyal Blog Followers. Grab yourself a snack (perhaps some apricots), and sit back while I tell you a story. A little Apricot TBT, if you will. I know it’s Friday, but I’m writing this on Thursday–is that allowed?

Once upon a time, my boyfriend now husband and I were texting back and forth while we were at work discussing dinner ideas. He sent me a recipe and I said, “those are easy ingredients that we have at home, I’ll make that.” At this point, neither one of us gave much thought to what the ingredients were, just that they were easy and didn’t require a shopping trip.

The ingredients: chicken breasts, onion soup mix, thousand island salad dressing, and apricot jelly.

Now, you probably read that and started gagging immediately. For some reason, on that day, neither of us did.

The recipe was simple: mix the ingredients, put them on the chicken, and bake. So I mixed the ingredients and they looked like vomit. I didn’t stop there. I put them on the chicken and baked it. It still looked like vomit.

We named the recipe “Chicken Ralph,” as in “this chicken is going to make me puke/vomit/ralph.” I honestly don’t remember tasting it, I’m pretty sure we just threw it away. But we still talk about it sometimes and it brings up so many questions, mainly, “why did we think that was a good idea?!”

I know today is Apricot Day, not Share Your Worst Recipe Day, so to celebrate, I ate some delicious dried apricots. Yum!!


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