National Tempura Day

I didn’t know that I liked sushi until I was 21 years old. Now, approximately four years later, I have learned that I quite enjoy it. My rule for every time I go out for sushi is to get one roll I know I like and one I’ve never had before. That way I can try something new but still have something to enjoy if I don’t like the new thing. So far, so good. Until today.

This time I only bought one roll because I wasn’t really hungry. This is what I get for breaking the rules.

I went grocery shopping after work yesterday and I decided to buy sushi there for today. This is one time when being lazy didn’t pay off. I should have just gone to a Japanese restaurant instead of A&P.

Look at this label. What does this label say? Do you see “sweet potato tempura?” Good. Me too.


Now, maybe you are more observant than me and see where I’m going with this. Because now I’m going to ask you to look closely at the sushi.


There ain’t no sweet potato in there.

It’s a California roll. Which is fine, but not even close to my favorite. Good thing I’m not a vegetarian or I’d be pissed. Instead, I just ate it and wrote this.

My verdict? Not bad, for super market sushi. Not tempura either. I like tempura because, well…fried.


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