National Whipped Cream Day

Some people who blog about whipped cream might buy real cream and whip it (whip it good)! … I, on the other hand, went out and bought the whipped cream in a spray can because that’s my favorite kind.

Whipped cream can be served in many ways–atop your ice cream, waffles, pancakes, fruit, or French toast (this was my breakfast on Sunday–yum), covering your body in a whipped cream bikini (please, don’t), whipped cream eating contests, or my personal favorite: sprayed right from the can into my mouth.

In an attempt to be sanitary, I resisted the urge to spray it directly into my mouth. I just filled a bowl with whipped cream and ate it with a spoon (or maybe I didn’t use a spoon and I just stuck my face in the bowl). Delicious!

But the very best thing about whipped cream? When you go to those pay-by-weight froyo places, whipped cream is so light, it’s basically free… And I’m never one to turn down free food!

bowl toast


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