National Candy Cane Day

I.  Love.  Candy. Canes.  When I was a little girl, I used to eat as many as I possibly could off of the Christmas tree.  Honestly, I didn’t, rather I couldn’t, wait until today to enjoy the delicious sugar pulled peppermint sticks.  I have been eating candy canes since the very first week in December.  As soon as I see them in the stores, I buy at least one box of the regular sized ones and then the mini ones.  When I say candy canes, I am talking about the traditional red and white stripped peppermint ones, not the gross ones that trick you into a false sense of satisfaction only for you to find out it is fruit flavored.  Really?  Who does that?  That is just mean.  Anyway, if anyone ever needed an excuse to enjoy a candy cane, today is the day to eat more than you probably should.  Don’t mind me as I enjoy my candy cane as I finish typing.


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