National Eggnog Day

Some people love it, most people seem to hate it. Eggnog.

You could say that I’m takin’ one for the team here by celebrating National Eggnog Day, but I’m thrilled. I actually thoroughly enjoy eggnog.

That is, as long as it doesn’t taste like bananas, or have a terrible after taste that reminds me of the smell of nail polish remover. Nasty.

My eggnogg of choice is from Turkey Hill, which faired in the “not too terrible” category of these websites, who cheekily reviewed a variety of store-bought ‘nogs:

Huff Post Eggnog Taste Test

Thrillist Eggnog Rankings

What about homemade? I’ve never made it before. I’d be willing to try, but since taking my food safety course, I’m all paranoid about raw eggs… which is weird because I spent all weekend eating raw cookie dough. It’s the thought of basically drinking raw eggs that skeeves me out.

If you want to make it, I’d put my trust in Alton Brown, who has never steered me wrong: Good Eats Eggnog Recipe.

And what about putting some booze into your ‘nog? Well…

Photo from

Photo from

I bought some of this for later tonight. Already whiskey/rum-ed up Egg Nog. Aw yeah!

Verdict? With booze, without booze, homemade, non-dairy or dairy-full, I feel like eggnog is a good choice for the holidays, thanks to its spice and creaminess. Just don’t chug it, like some cotton-headed ninny muggins did.


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