National Date Nut Bread Day

I had no time to celebrate National Date Nut Bread, but luckily this particular food has two days dedicated to it. So, without further ado, here’s Allyssa’s post from September.


So last week I had grits, and this week I have Date Nut Bread for you.

date nut bread

Both seem to have bad reputations amongst sassy food lovers. Why?

Grits have tons of cheese, and date nut bread is cake under the guise of β€œbread”, so you can eat as much as you want without admitting that you just ate an entire cake.

My mom and I did just that. Dinner? Nah, we’ll have some date nut bread.

I used this gluten free recipe. It makes a very small loaf, perfect for my mom and I to polish off without thinking twice.

Also, the dates I got from the grocery store took 5ever to chop up because they still had pits in them. Because all of the already pitted dates were sold out.

Take that, date nut bread naysayers. The dates were all sold out because I bet that everyone

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