National Cocoa Day

It’s National Cocoa Day, which to me automatically means “hot cocoa”, though I suppose I could have… I don’t know, made some mole sauce or something?

Haha just kidding. It’s Saturday. Why would I be cooking?

So I had hot cocoa twice because I’m like Santa – I could live on this stuff.

I had Peppermint hot chocolate in the special little red cup when I was on my way home from the theatre where I work.


The peppermint hot chocolate is far superior to the regular kind. One, because everything tastes better in a red cup, and two, because somehow the peppermint makes it taste richer.

Then I got home and also made Nutella hot cocoa. I stirred Nutella into a big mug of very hot coconut milk, with a pinch of cinnamon, and topped it with gingerbread man marshmallows and a dollop of fluff.



Verdict? I’m in bed watching The Santa Clause, one of my favorite Christmas movies. I’m drinking cocoa. He’s drinking cocoa too! It’s perfect, really. A perfectly warm and rich drink on a chilly night. Yum.


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