National Brownie Day

Whether you like fudgey brownies or cakey brownies, all brownies are delicious gifts from the kitchen.

No, just kidding. If you like cake brownies, get out and just go eat a chocolate cake.

I like my brownies so fudgey that you practically have to eat them with a spoon when you get to the center, but the edges are still perfectly crisp.

So that’s what I made for my cast and crew on the occasion of our last Wizard of Oz show.

I used a recipe from Gluten Free on a Shoestring that had both cocoa and melted chocolate, and lots of butter. Yum.

I decided to add a little extra oomph to the brownies while they were in the oven and tossed some mini marshmallows on top.

Brownies with marshmallows The resulting brownies were very chocolatey, not too sweet, and would have been best eaten covered in ice cream, and with a spoon. Really, they were so fudgey that it was actually hard to cut the center squares, even after letting them cool for 2 hours. Look at all of the crumbs that didn’t make it onto the plate for the theatre!

Brownie crumbs

Being the noble person that I am, I went ahead and saved the crumbs from a certain death in the trash. I saved them by eating them.

Brownies gluten free marshmallows

Verdict? You cannot go wrong with brownies. Add marshmallows and the tray becomes even more unbeatable.

So what do you think? Cake brownies, or fudge brownies?


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