National Cotton Candy Day

Food365, I disappoint. Apparently, it is impossible to find cotton candy in December in Philadelphia, PA. I was very upset. I looked in a bunch of different stores nearby and it was just no where to be found. I started by looking in ShopRite (I thought this would be my best bet to find it), then I looked in WaWa, RiteAid and Whole Foods and upon desperation I drove a few miles to a Target and was also disappointed.

Am I the only one who thinks it’s odd that Cotton Candy Day is in December? This feels like it should be a mid summer holiday. Maybe whoever created this holiday lives somewhere where it is eternally warm. But since I’m from the North East, I correlate cotton candy with summer carnivals or the Circus. The first time I ever had cotton candy was at a circus.. I remember my dad telling me to try it and that it melts in your mouth.. it changed my life. Also, bagged cotton candy is no where near as good as cotton candy spun in front of you, and that’s what I would have had today soooo maybe it’s for the best.

This is how/where Cotton Candy should be sold:


Verdict? If you want to celebrate cotton candy day next year, try to find it in the summer and save it for December. I will celebrate cotton candy during the summer of 2015.


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