National Comfort Food Day

Here’s a real conversation Diana and I had the other day:

Lori: What should I make for Comfort Food Day?
Diana: Mac and cheese. Done.
Lori: I know that’s what I was thinking but I made that on Mac and Cheese Day.
Diana: Hmm…mashed potatoes.
Lori: I made mashed potatoes on Potato Day….
Diana: Pizza?
Lori: Pizza Day. More than once.
Diana: Grumble.
Lori: What other foods are comforting?
Diana: Penne vodka.
Lori: Penne vodka!


There’s actually a reason Diana and I both thought of penne vodka. There was a time in our youth (around 16 years old), when we were dealing with all of the teenage angst. On nights when we were feeling especially dramatic, we (along with our friend Arianna) would order penne vodka from this Italian restaurant and sit around and listen to Brand New and Fall Out Boy and discuss how hard our lives were (they weren’t). We call this time in our lives “The Penne Vodka Era.” We were odd children. But the point is that I still find penne vodka both delicious and very comforting. So I made it for today.

By “made” I mean I got a jar of sauce and boiled some pasta and poured the sauce on top of the pasta.

My verdict? Penne vodka is the best, even out of a jar. I feel quite comforted.

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