National Cookie Day

Today is the day that we’ve all been waiting for… National Cookie Day.. I repeat COOKIE Day. Who could not be happy on Cookie Day? In honor of this holiday and by request from this guy:


I made S’mores Cookies and spoiler alert they were AMAZING! I followed this recipe and I highly suggest that everyone else does the same:

We had most of the ingredients in the apartment which was nice and what we didn’t have (only chocolate chips and hershey bars) I was able to get at the convenience store attached to our building (yay for not having to go outside). I am very very proud of these. They were a huge hit among Alex and our friend Charlotte and I have yet to hear how the remainders are doing in their offices (I have a feeling there won’t be any left).


We’re lucky this dough even made it into the oven…


The recipe says to bake them for 8 minutes, take them out, put the marshmallows in and then bake for another 2-3 minutes. This is what they look like in the end


AHHHH perfection.

Verdict? It’s hard not to celebrate cookies throughout the entire month of December but these cookies made this day special. I love cookies and I wish I wasn’t so generous with sharing.


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