National Bavarian Cream Pie Day

It’s a very important national holiday today. If you are unaware of this, well then you better just get out.

How dare you not know about National Bavarian Cream Pie Day?

Oh, also, Happy Thanksgiving!

But really, this is my first ever encounter with Bavarian cream and I’m smitten.

I wanted to make something easy, different, and definitely gluten free for Thanksgiving, and this year Bavarian Cream Pie Day just happens to coincide with Turkey Lurkey Day. I decided to make this, incorrectly assuming that it was just like Boston Cream Pie filling. But it’s not.

Boston Cream filling is much more custardy and like a pudding. The Bavarian cream recipes that I followed gave me what is basically a gelatin thickened custard (or in the case of the chocolate version, a very thin ganache-like concoction), mixed with whipped cream to produce something a bit more mousse like in texture, but also firm enough to be molded and then turned out on a plate.

I made a chocolate recipe and a classic (vanilla?) recipe:

I had left over cream after filling up my pie shells from both recipes, so I put the cream in ramekins and refrigerated them until I couldn’t resist anymore.

Chocolate Bavarian Cream

That lasted only about an hour. My excuse was that, as a certified Food Safety Manager, I had to eat some to make sure nothing was poisoned*.

The chocolate one tastes like your favorite rich chocolate ice cream, melted, and tossed with fresh, barely sweetened whipped cream. The regular one is like vanilla cream from the angels, but it’s not too sweet and there’s nothing cloying about the vanilla flavor.

I have no idea if I did this right, actually. I feel like I folded in too much whipped cream? I ran out of heavy cream and had to send someone to the store to go get more, so by time I made the vanilla custard recipe, I stopped caring/measuring and I honestly think it’s more fluffy cream than gelatin custard.

I don’t care. I love this.

Verdict? Right or wrong, I don’t care because whatever it was that I ate, it was scrumptious. So cheers to trying new recipes and loving whatever comes out of the adventures, and here’s hoping that everyone out there is having a happy and healthy and food-filled Thanksgiving!

*Not what a Food Safety Manager does, but no one in my family has to know that my certification doesn’t involve taste testing. Shhh.


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