National Parfait Day

I know the traditional type of parfait’s are frozen or have some specific type of parfait creme, but my favorite kind of parfaits consist of a yogurt base.  I try to eat a bit healthy and this yogurt parfait is definitely a healthy alternative.

When I make my yogurt parfaits to go (I usually take them to work as a mid-afternoon snack), I layer them with honey, granola, a flax and chai seed blend, and whatever fruit I have in the refrigerator.  I also found the perfect granola because it has chocolate chunks in it!  Yummy.

Photo Nov 25, 8 56 28 PMPhoto Nov 25, 9 00 51 PM


Verdict: This is one of my favorite snacks.  Not only is it delicious, but it is also healthy.  I try to eat yogurt everyday, so this is a great way to switch up plain yogurt.  I also use Fage’s greek yogurt because of the creamy and rich consistency, but I know a lot of people cannot eat or do not enjoy greek yogurt. These simple types of ingredients work with any kind of yogurt or ice cream. So go enjoy a traditional, or a slightly modified version of this delectable treat.


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