National Espresso Day

Happy Espresso Day fellow caffeine lovers!  So, espresso is not really my favorite form of caffeine.  I think it tastes like bitter dirt.  What is great though is when you mix espresso with lots of milk and sugar.  Like in a latte or a cappuccino, or like the machine at my school makes, “cafe vanilla”, which I rely on at least twice a week to get through my afternoon classes.  Here is a chart to help you tell your cappuccino from your latte from your americano, next time you feel like you need a strong shot of caffeine and want something that doesn’t taste gross.

Exceptional Expressions of Espresso Infographic


Espresso is gross, unless you mix it with lots of sugar, milk, and other sweet flavors. Then it’s the best thing ever.  And everything from Starbucks tastes better in a red cup.

Oh, and whatever you do, don’t call it “EXpresso”.

Espresso drinks chart from, Starbucks photo from Rachel.


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