National Vichyssoise Day

I think by now we all know that, when it comes to food (and everything else, really), I’m not fancy. So it’s safe to say that I’m not exactly an expert on French cuisine, and I had no idea what vichyssoise was. When I looked it up, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it’s basically just potato soup. I love potatoes. I love soup. Bring it on.

But, first things first, how do you pronounce it? Thanks, YouTube:

My sister Kimmi was right. It really does sound like “fishy sauce.” Thank France that’s not what it is.

I hate to disappoint (not really. If I hated it that much, I’d probably stop doing it), but I didn’t make this from scratch. Instead, I grabbed the first canned potato soup I could find and called it a day.

I probably should have gotten one without bacon….said no one, ever.

My verdict? As far as canned soups go, I enjoy Progresso the most. However, this particular flavor didn’t really do it for me. The smell of it kind of grossed me out. But, generally speaking, I like potato and leek soup, so I’m sure if I had real vichyssoise, I’d like it.



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