National Raisin Bran Cereal Day

Do you remember those commercials about the “Special K Diet?” I believe the premise was if you eat Special K for breakfast and lunch and have a regular dinner, you’ll lose weight. I think this might also be called starving yourself.

There was a time when I inadvertently put myself on a mostly cereal diet. You see, I spent my entire life living with a mother and/or a mediocre college cafeteria to feed me, and then I moved into my own apartment and had to fend for myself.

Thus, the cereal diet was born. I wasn’t on a “cereal diet.” I was on an “I don’t know how to cook, but I’m starving diet.” Luckily, I love cereal. I REALLY love cereal. During this time in my life, I decided that while I wasn’t on a cereal diet, I should try to eat healthy cereal if I was going to be eating it so much… And something with bran in the title is healthy, amiright?!

So I developed a love for raisin bran. Crunchy, tasteless, bran flakes, mixed with two scoops of sugar doused raisins. I just enjoyed some for breakfast (but it was store brand because I’m cheap).

Raisin Bran Verdict: It’s satisfying, delicious, and it’ll keep you regular. Yup, I said that on a food blog. I hope I don’t get fired.




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