National Spicy Guacamole Day

I celebrated this holiday in much the same way I celebrated National Guacamole Day a couple months ago. But this time, I spiced it up.

I used these ingredients:

I made sure I put in extra jalapenos. I mushed it all up and got guac. However, I also made one fatal mistake. I accidentally put in too much lime juice (not pictured above).

I still made nachos and ate it anyway.

My verdict?ย I love Mexican food, and guacamole is always delicious. I fully support any holiday that encourages me to make nachos. Like I said above, I definitely put too much lime juice in my guac this time, which is unfortunate. I played around a bit and tried to figure out how to remedy this mistake. Eventually, I poured some buffalo sauce in there. Sure, that’s not traditional, but who cares? It actually worked, and it upped the spice factor. It didn’t really look too pretty though:


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