National Indian Pudding Day

I actually planned on making this, but (as my post yesterday alluded to) this week has been rough for me. I had to work late tonight and I just didn’t have it in me to actually make anything when I got home.

Even though I didn’t make this, I still want to talk about it. I had never heard of Indian pudding, but I’ve done some research on it. I find the history of it interesting.

It’s basically cornmeal, milk, and molasses. It’s a dessert that’s origins can be traced back to New England and the first European settlers. It’s not a dessert from India, but was named after the Native American cornmeal it was originally made with. It’s apparently not well known outside of New England.

It makes sense to me that this holiday is in November. It’s very Pilgrims/Indians/Thanksgiving. It doesn’t look all that appealing, but I imagine it mostly just tastes like sugar. I’d eat it.



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