National Men Make Dinner AND National Nacho Day

So I’ve mentioned before how my fiance Alex is the chef of our apartment. I can cook a few meals (that he taught me), but he does 95% of the cooking. Which is why I was SO excited for tonight. Alex gets to cook nachos for me? Seriously, what could be better than that?

I definitely was not disappointed.

You are all in for an extra special treat tonight. I was having a super fun time taking burst mode photos as Alex cooked… so you’ll get to see some action gifs. I know you’re excited.


Chef for the night (or most nights)

We usually make nachos with ground turkey, beans and cheese. And obviously guacamole on the side. The process goes as follows:

Chop Onion
Chop Garlic
Sautee Onion and Garlic in a little oil with some crushed red pepper flakes
Add salt and pepper
After the onions are nicely caramelized, add the ground turkey and let that cook.
Season appropriately (salt, pepper, paprika and cayanne – depending on your spice preference)
Rinse can of beans in water, add to pot to warm


IMG_5240 IMG_5243 IMG_5310

After everything is cooked, line tortilla chips in a large baking pan (kind of like lasagna). Layer in the meat and cheese. Add another layer of chips.. and so on. In my opinion, the cheese is the most important part. We added A LOT of cheese.

IMG_5484 IMG_5487 IMG_5517


Once it’s all put together, place in the oven (We put it in at 325 degrees for about 10 minutes)


Alex adding more cheese, you know, just to be safe





Cheesy goodness

Guacamole Recipe:

Red Onion
Lime Juice
Chop it all up, add it in a bowl, mix together.

Alex added some sriricha to our guac, which made it kinda spicy, but luckily we had some fresh mangos in our fridge that he chopped up and added to sweeten it up.

IMG_5289 IMG_5291 IMG_5299


ย add-onionstir


Look how happy and proud he is:



IMG_5542 IMG_5543

Verdict? These were effing amazing. Next time you’re all coming over


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