National Doughnut Day

It’s Doughnut Day! Any day that involves dessert, especially one of the cakey variety is A+ in my book.

Doughnut day came at the perfect time, as I am in the middle of dress rehearsals for The Wizard of Oz and I need some desserts to make it all better.

I decided to bring some doughnuts in as a surprise for my students who help me with costumes, so that we could celebrate together, and so that I wouldn’t eat an entire box of doughnuts alone.

photo 1

There were too many to choose from.

photo 2

Chocolate dipped with sprinkles was the ultimate winner here. Bless you, Entenmann’s.

photo 3

Here I am, enjoying a delicious chocolatey treat while sitting outside of the costume closet, too exhausted to move. But not exhausted enough to munch.

My verdict? Chocolate and sprinkles, lusciously adorning cake with a hole in it? I don’t see how you could go wrong.


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