National Deviled Egg Day

Eggs are delicious. I like them hard boiled, scrambled, sunny side up, egg salad…just about every way I can think of. So of course I am a fan of deviled eggs. I most often associate them with pot lucks or barbecues so it is strange that this holiday is on November 2 and not in the spring or summer.
When I told my husband I needed to make deviled eggs this weekend he had the idea to have a summer style dinner because what else do you eat with deviled eggs? So in addition to the eggs we had hot dogs, cole slaw, sauteed kale, and french fries. It was a strange dinner for a cold and rainy day, but it was enjoyable.
Making deviled eggs is pretty simple. I just hard boiled some eggs, let them cool, sliced them in half length-wise and scooped out the yellow.
I mixed a little bit of mayo and mustard, salt and pepper until I got a consistency I liked. I only made three eggs but here’s a picture of the bowl with ingredients to give you an idea of the ratios, however this is going to vary based on your preference.
I used a small spoon to scoop the mixture back in the eggs. I sprinkled some pretty paprika on top. These were really good! I was just missing one of those deviled egg plates. Why didn’t I put one of those on my wedding registry instead of a mango slicer?



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