National Candy Corn Day

Last time you heard from me, I wrote about M&Ms. Yet again, I have chosen to blog about a food that requires zero preparation on my part. At some point, having a newborn is not going to be an acceptable excuse for taking the easy way out. Luckily, I am still able to get away with it.

So. Candy corn. Those little triangle shaped yellow, orange, and white chewy Halloween candies that I used to loathe seeing in my Trick or Treat bag. As a matter of fact, I recall trading them for the good candy in the bowl my mom had by the front door on Halloween. Someone please tell me I’m not the only person who used to have a Trick or Treating intermission to trade the bad candy in my bag for the good stuff in that bowl?!

But I digress.

About two years ago, I tasted candy corn and realized that I actually thoroughly enjoyed it. I think I only said I hated it because other people hated it and I wanted to seem cool like them. It might have taken me 31 years, but I can finally admit that I like candy corn and I don’t care who knows it!



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