National Oatmeal Day

I eat a lot of oatmeal. It is my go-to breakfast 4-5 days a week. My solution to hectic mornings is to make a week’s worth of refrigerator oatmeal on Sunday night and leave it in the fridge at work. It’s one less thing to worry about and I can eat it in relative peace at my desk each day. By now most people have seen all the refrigerator oatmeal recipes on Pinterest, and my versions are no different. I mix it all up assembly line style until I get my desired consistency and a week of breakfasts is done. Despite what trendy food bloggers would lead you to believe, not using mason jars for this has no impact on the flavor.

I’m not sure why I gave you all this background, because I honored this holiday by doing something different. My favorite type of oatmeal is steel cut, but I almost never eat it because it takes a long time to prepare. I decided to try a crockpot method to make my favorite oatmeal variety. I settled on this one because I had all the ingredients, but before making it I checked against this one to make sure Alton agreed with the oatmeal to liquid ratio. However, I made the mistake of not reading the recipe reviews. This is called foreshadowing.


Basic ingredients


Right before shutting the lid

This was super easy to throw together before I went to bed. I set the crockpot on low and expected to wake up to some delicious smelling oatmeal in the morning. Unfortunately, I have a cold (like several of my colleagues) so I cannot comment on the smell, but when I opened the crockpot I was disappointed to find an ugly ring of burned oatmeal along the side.



Once I stirred up what was in the center and ate it, it was very good. Not too sweet and the perfect creamy consistency with a little chewiness. After I read the reviews it seems that the results will vary widely depending on your crockpot. If I was to make this again, I think I’d try the method of putting it on high for an hour and then let it sit on the keep warm setting overnight because my crockpot must run hot. But really the biggest flaw in this recipe is that the clean-up is awful. After much soaking and scrubbing, I’m pretty sure there’s still a faint oatmeal ring in my crockpot. I’m not sure the results were worth it. Maybe next year I’ll make oatmeal cookies instead.


Tasty, but not very photogenic



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