National Potato Day

The day has come. A happy, happy day for me. I think it’s clear from my post on National Greasy Food Day that I love potatoes. I don’t care if they are mashed, baked, fried, scalloped, cheesy, garlicky, or any other beautiful configuration. Potatoes are always good.

I was really excited today to make mashed potatoes, but then I went grocery shopping after work and saw the pierogies. I had to have those. But I wanted both. So…I had both.

My verdict? I know some people are probably all like “oh you bought boxed mashed potatoes and frozen pierogies? That doesn’t count.” Well, shut your stupid imaginary and judgmental face. Because I happen to really like boxed mashed potatoes, particularly Idahoan brand. And Mrs. T’s makes a damn good pierogi. I really, really liked the Savory Five Cheese Blend, which is apparently new. It’s good stuff. And I am totally fine with the fact that all I ate for dinner was potato-based products. As previously mentioned, potatoes are a superior food.


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