National Greasy Food Day

I’m a fairly healthy person. I’m by no means a health nut. I certainly don’t go out of my way to eat foods that are good for me but I don’t enjoy. I believe that eating should be an enjoyable experience, and therefore I try not to deprive myself of the things I like. However, I also try not to overindulge.

Having said all that, I don’t really eat that much greasy food. Except for pizza. I eat a lot of pizza, but I can’t help it. I live in New Jersey. There’s pizza everywhere. What’s a girl to do? But I eat fast food (of the McDonald’s, Burger King, etc. variety) basically never. And when I cook for myself (which is essentially every day), I don’t really make greasy food.

But today. Today is a special day. It’s been a really, really long time since I’ve eaten one of my favorite foods of all time. The simple, glorious, delicious french fries.

I also ate roasted chicken, which is also delicious but not greasy.

My verdict? French fries are actually perfect. I will never understand or trust a person who chooses a salad or other “healthy” option at a restaurant when they could have french fries. The only acceptable substitute for regular french fries is waffle fries or curly fries or sweet potato fries or home fries. (I’ll be a little more forgiving if you substitute with a baked potato. I love potatoes. National Potato Day is in t-minus 2 days.) What I’m trying to say is, even though french fries may not be good for your body, they are good for your soul.

What’s your favorite greasy food?


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