National Boston Cream Pie Day


So, let me tell you a little story about trying to find Boston Cream anything in New York City- it’s nearly impossible.  While I figured that finding an entire Boston Cream Pie (which is actually a cake, FYI) would be hard, but I thought for sure I could find a donut pretty easily.

So I set out after school with my hopes high and stomach growling, for a cafe or donut shop because, college students love donuts, right?  WRONG.  College students love pretentious locally owned coffee shops, and Starbucks that are all too good for donuts.  While I do love a pumpkin spice latte on a rainy fall afternoon, that was not the task at hand.  I wandered aimlessly for about 10 blocks until my backpack started digging into my shoulders and I jumped on the nearest subway home.

For my second attempt, I lost the heavy backpack and googled the nearest Dunkin Donuts.  Where better to find a Boston Cream donut than Boston’s favorite coffee maker?  Again, wrong.  Apparently the Dunkin 10 blocks from me only sells coffee and munchkins.   At this point, I must admit, I started to get a little worried.  Maybe New York City and boycotted all Boston Cream everything?  Maybe in New York, the only breakfast food that was allowed to have holes were bagles?

My last resort was to venture on the subway down to Penn Station, where I knew there was at least one Krispy Kreme.  Mission accomplished.  As much as I dislike Penn Station, especially at rush hour, they really came through for me this time.  Another quick subway ride home and I was enjoying a nice Boston Cream donut in the peace and quiet of my own home.



Despite what you may have heard, donuts are actually not something that I eat very often.  Usually if I want to eat something with a hole, I choose a bagel or swiss cheese.  That being said, Boston Cream donuts are probably my favorite kind, so I will happily continue celebrating Boston Cream Pie day for as long as I can remember.  Maybe next year I’ll even try to find an actual pie.  But probably not, now that I know where the donuts are.


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