National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day

If you love all things fall and pumpkin flavored, AND you love cheesecake, then today was made for you!

I happen to check all of the above boxes, so I was very excited about my dessert today. I’m no longer on my 30 day reset diet thing, and this is the first dessert I’ve had since ending my diet, so I was really pumped to come home from work.

Last year, for Thanksgiving, I made a wonderful caramel pumpkin pie, which was a big hit. Today when I was at the store buying cream cheese, I saw this caramel flavored cream cheese spread and knew exactly what to do to bring the best of both worlds together.

As usual, it’s another day, another mug cake for Food365. I assembled my ingredients and began my experiment to see if one can actually make a mug cake cheesecake.

Unfortunately, my “crust” of broken cookies rose to the top, and the actual cake tastes more like a really sweet custard than cheesecake. The combination of caramel spread and pumpkin butter was really sugary. Also, I needed more cream cheese and less egg. Meh.

However, I would consider this a successfully delicious experiment anyway. Why? Because dessert, that’s why.

photo 4-2

My verdict? It’s cheesecake and it’s pumpkin. Two of my favorite things. This is the perfect fall dessert if you’re ready to try something other than plain pumpkin bread or pumpkin pie. Yum!


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